Yeoh Chun Yeow

Principal Researcher at Telekom R&D Sdn. Bhd.

Mr. Chun-Yeow Yeoh was born in Georgetown, Penang. He graduated with a first class honours in B.Eng Electrical Electronic in 2001 and a M.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering in 2003 from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor, Malaysia. He is currently Principal Researcher at Telekom R&D Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia.

He has previously worked with Cozybit inc. in San Francisco Bay Area as staff engineer on 802.11s mesh networking and has contributed patches to Linux kernel. His research interests include the MAC layer of wireless communication technologies on WiFi and LTE, embedded system, software-hardware co-design and Linux system. He was appointed as TM R&D delegate to 3GPP LTE/5G standardization group and has constantly contributed technical written documents to RAN2/RAN3 Technical Specification Group (TSG). He is a registered member of Board of Engineer Malaysia and also a member of 5G WG under Malaysian Technical Standard Forum Berhad (MTSFB), contributing towards the 5G Systeam and Architecture Specification. He received the best paper award in IEEE ICIT, Shenzhen, China in 2007 and outstanding paper award in IEEE ICACT 2018, South Korea.

Currently, he is the technical lead of TM R&D Open Innovation Platform (OIP), a multi-layer digital infrastructure serving as a data brokerage system, an API aggregation platform and an e2e IOT platform for rapid deployment of smart services.