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The two most important movers for improving rakyat’s lives at scale are technology and government. MYHackathon will put them together – and with YOUR skills and ideas!

MYHackathon is a PENJANA programme that will bring technology and digitalisation to government services to improve the delivery of key public services to the Rakyat that can re-energize the economy under these “New Normal” conditions.

The third MYHackathon is happening FULLY ONLINE for the participants, broadcasting live from Johor Bahru!
If you have the vision, courage and determination to make a difference – JOIN US !

Theme @ MYHackathon Johor Bahru ILMU PELITA HIDUP

Ilmu Pelita Hidup is the theme for the third hackathon. The focus is to enhance the education system and quality via digital medium/channels and enhancing capacity building and welfare for educators.

Ilmu Pelita Hidup theme has 5 problem statements that are faced by government services. Your job is to “hack” the problems and provide a well-thought solution.

Objective of the Hackathon

To enhance the education system and quality via digital medium/channels and enhancing capacity building and welfare for educators

Five Problem Statements

  1. ILMU 1:
    Digital solution for Online Learning System suitable for all – especially those with limited internet access or from low-income families

  2. ILMU 2:
    Platform for the teaching community that will enable Life-Long Learning and communication – to enhance the education profession and professionals

  3. ILMU 3:
    Digital solution for Online Learning for Visual Arts and Music – that can cater for online showcase/exhibition – even from remote locations

  4. ILMU 4:
    Digital solution for TVET education using simulations.

  5. ILMU 5:
    Digital solution for transforming the school library as the center of resources (using multi-formats) to support the need of 21st century teaching and learning.


Download the Detailed Problem Statements for Ilmu Pelita Hidup Theme

Important Dates for All Participants

Thursday, 12 Nov 2020

Problem Statements are released

Register for the Hackathon


Select “Johor Bahru/Ilmu Pelita Hidup”

Thursday, 19 Nov 2020

MYHackathon JB Launch Day

Time: 8.30 am -12.00 noon

Attend the launch day FULLY ONLINE and get tips & contents on how to formulate best submissions for your team.

It’s only 3.5 hours & we promise it’ll be a great time for you & your team members. (Yes, all team leaders & team members is invited to attend, Zoom link shall be shared through email address & SMS to the phone number listed in the registrations form.

IMPORTANT: Online Registrations CLOSES at 5.00 pm, 19 November 2020

Registration link: register.myhackathon.com.my

Attend the Launch programme and workshops.

Download programme:

Friday, 20 Nov 2020
Until Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020


[All Online/Remote] Sessions:

  • Online webinars
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Mentoring Sessions

Work on your ideas, solution and presentation materials.
Attend online webinars.
Get help from mentors and coaches.

Submit your project (if you are ready)

Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020

Submissions Deadline:
Last day for ‘Ilmu Pelita Hidup’ project submissions

Deadline: 11.00pm on 25 November 2020

Submission is STRICTLY 100% via online platform only.

Any submissions received AFTER DEADLINE 11.00 pm on 25 November 2020 will be automatically rejected.

Thursday, 26 Nov 2020
Until Sunday, 29 Nov 2020

Submission Shortlisting:
All submissions will be evaluated and shortlisted.

The Top10 from Sprint and  Top10 from Marathon categories will be announced as Finalists.

Monday, 30 Nov 2020

TOP 10 Finalists Announcements:
The Top 10 Finalists for the Sprint & Marathon category shall be announced at 10.00am through our social media channels for the public to refer to, while our Customer Service representatives shall contact every shortlisted team leader (through the phone number listed in the submission form)


Finalists Pre-Briefing Session:
All finalists shall be invited to a finalists-only private pre-briefing session at 6.00 pm – 6.30pm on the same day of the announcements. We shall email all the team leaders of the private Zoom link for the session

Important Dates for Finalists ONLY

These dates and programmes are important to those who have been shortlisted as MYHackathon Johor Bahru Finalists. They comprise of the Top 10 teams for Sprint category and the Top 10 teams for Marathon category.

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Advanced Coaching & Mentoring
(via Online/Remote)

Sharpen up your presentation & solutions.

Cleanup your presentation and solution or demo/prototype.

Clear you next 2 days schedule & get ready to attend both the Bootcamp Day & Final Pitch Day – all sessions is FULLY ONLINE via Zoom!

Wednesday, 2 November 2020

Bootcamp Day

Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm

The bootcamp consists of 3 parts:
i. Content: Crafting your deck, pitch, and storytelling.
ii. Pitch-Coach: pitching to a coach and get feedback.
iii. Scheduled Dry Run: Every team will conduct a scheduled dry run with the production team to ensure a smooth final.

Get 1-1 technical coaching and pitching coaching


Thursday, 3 November 2020

Final Pitch & Winners Announcements Day

Time: 8.00am – 5.00pm


Your time to shine!

Pitch your ideas and solutions to a panel of judges headed by CRADLE.

Winners will be announced by 3.30 pm on the same day!

Eligibility, Team Registrations & Project Submissions

  1. Who can participate

    Eligibility criteria here 

  2. Team Registrations

    For every MYHackathon, only Team Member 1 (Team Leader) that needs to register for each team. We strongly suggests anyone who wishes to participate to form a team of minimum 2 persons & maximum 5 persons. Only then the Team Leader should register to the MYHackathon online registrations portal.

    Companies can also enter MYHackathon with their staffs & management as members of the team. Just nominate minimum 2 persons & maximum 5 persons to enter the MYHackathon program.

    Companies are also allowed to sent in more than 1 team for every MYHackathon, provided the team leader & team members is not the same, as 1 person is only allowed to register in 1 team for every MYHackathon.

    Deadline for MYHackathon JB
    – Online Registrations CLOSES at 5.00 pm, 19 November 2020
    – Registration link here: register.myhackathon.com.my

  3. Tips on Forming a Team
    • Refer to “Who Should Participate?” to determine eligibility
    • Select your team members based on their ability to commit to the hackathon schedules
    • Select a “team leader” – someone who is readily available for the organizer to communicate with
    • Have a “spare” or “backup” team member in case someone has an emergency that they cannot avoid
    • Use the Hackathon Registration Form at the individual Hackathon page

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